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Pilot-Guard is a global pilot safety network that enables the real-time exchange of safety-related information between organisations around the globe on non-compliant pilot transfer arrangements (nc-pta) of vessels. This is a major advancement for the safety of pilots in Pilot-Guard connected organisations.

Detected nc-pta on vessels can be forwarded immediately to relevant authorities and partner organisations. If the next destination port of a vessel with a nc-pta is known, the pilots and authorities on location can be notified in advance by the Pilot-Guard system before the vessel arrives, so that appropriate safety measures can be taken at the next port. Defects that are repaired later are also registered and recorded for auditing and statistics purposes. 

As more organisations worldwide participate in Pilot-Guard, the information network expands, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of pilot safety improvements.

You can access Pilot-Guard here for more information:

Pilot-Guard is an initiative of TRENZ GmbH


Steffen Schmedes

Project Manager

+49 160 979 389 61

You can request our latest Pilot-Guard Whitepaper with more information and the planned roadmap.

Please let us know your name and the (pilot) organisation you are speaking for.

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